yabb week 5 — journey to the top of the mountain

Mikel Risyad
4 min readAug 7, 2021

this week is quite well done, even though I have to go through many obstacles such as physical drop and mental down. don’t get me wrong that is not happening just because of this Bootcamp alone, but because I have so many things that I have to get done besides this program that creates problem accumulation, and unfortunately it’s not optional to leave the thing. so many things left behind and also few things get done at the moment give a quick realization that we can not do everything by ourselves in a very limited amount of time.

even though you are not studying philosophy in school there is a thing that is called the Stoic approach to life (philosophy way of life) that you might interest in. a simple summary of the stoic approach is to let go of what you can’t control and do everything that you can instead. the main idea is that I want to elaborate on here is we have to know which are in our control and which are not. because that word is so simple and intuitive we don't really try to put attention to its meaning. what happened is we already so fuc** up by so many things that put so many complex things to consider about, thus we forgot on how to approach thing. this way of life teaches us that there is a thing that we can control and the opposite to consider what we should act upon a problem or situation that we have to face directly.

Creating a control dichotomy is helpful to consider that you have to act upon something that you can control, and not too much-giving attention to the opposite. just a simple example is when you fall into the low group rank in generasi-gigih Bootcamp the basic thing you can do is to learn more, prepare more time than before and put more effort than before. yes, those example is pretty intuitive and easy to think of right? but the point is we eventually waste time too much on comparing score, complaining, and angry on ourself like “why I am not good enough?!?!”. maybe some of you don’t happen to be like this, but these things sometimes happen to me too.

thankfully this five-week on the generasi-gigih Bootcamp gives me a lot of good habits in my life, especially in this pandemic. the thing is I could have more push and motivation to learn web framework that I consider too hard to learn a few months ago. I would not know and meet (online) people in this program that is so insightful and brilliant. most of the top achievers in this program have already good basics and fundamentals and yet they are still eager to learn and get better in every session. having to met these people drive me crazy to learn more, even though I know that I can’t surpass them overnight, but eventually, I will someday.

yes, when I tell you the condition that I have to face and what I am now, it would be impossible to complete all the stuff overnight. I have to put more time and focus to complete every task one by one. burnt out happen in your mind when you trying so hard to change what you can not control. you try so hard to get a better score but forget the essential that you lack material understanding which becomes the variable of the score. you give too much attention to the score instead of learning the thing and in the end, you feel like you can do nothing. finally, this mental position brings you to desperation that you can change nothing. this thing is bad and unhealthy to keep as a habit. the point is we need to take a step even the small one and create momentum to make a snowball effect. starting is already hard and thus we should not start with something big but we can start small and relies on momentum to approach a big problem.

imagine this happen to you…

on top of that, everything that I have said is about how we are going to the top of the mountain. we can go as a group of people and in the middle of the journey some people will feel okay, tired, hungry, injured, or get sick. we need to approach every problem facing us. if we get injured we need to heal it first, if hungry then cook and eat first, when it’s dark then get rest and make a camp, then we can continue the walk to the top instead of complaining and do nothing and just rush to the top. sometimes it's okay to slow down, get rest and postpone our plan to get to the top for our safety. but we still have to go to the top, we just need to put more time than the others because eventually, we can still reach the top as long as we still have the will.

the key here is not everything is a race, sometimes it's okay to take a break, get a good rest, and continue the journey until finished to #reach the top!