yabb week 4 — moving from the plateau and the sight of the summit

Mikel Risyad
3 min readAug 2, 2021

through the course happened it is helpful to think that every checklist of the module is a checkpoint to get better. in this week, first, we learn redux, then react-router, and finished it with clean code. the material brought by the tutor is really dynamic which means for me every session is not the same based on its difficulty. learning redux is the hardest of all but the thing is I still don’t get the idea of how to use redux in the homework project. i am being too hard with myself and think that i am stupid to be in the program. maybe i am, but, this whole idea of pessimism is one interesting topic to be brought on in this weekly reflection.

finally, the thing we have all been waiting for so long released, the score we have to acquire throughout the course show how well we interact with the program. this part of gamification is highly motivates me to get active in the class, the sense of competitiveness drives me up to get better amongst the others. it is completely normal and has its own good side to be competitive.

but we have to face what is called “rank” system. everyone has to compete with each other to be the best among every one of us. this would mean every tiny piece of point you get will make you moved in a few numbers in the ranking top list. but what if you are not among the best on the list? that’s what is happening to me right now.

I got ranked in around rank 100th and I fell mixed of both sad and happy. I can be happy that I am still amongst the best of 50% of the participant, while the fact is that I'm not even that good to be in the top 10 list. i fully acknowledge why it can be like that since i fully understand which part that i am lack off in the entire program we have been through. sometimes i don't submit my homework, I'm not always active in the entire section, and last but not least i am not that really good to perform in the hands-on session to help my peers.

the hope is always there, as long as you can be realistic with the goal. with the amount of opportunity to run i am not going to be able to get 1st position in the leaderboard. but, it is fact that i can get better from what i am now. and in my personal inner voice that is the most important thing to consider to handle my mental and keep my sanity. you can not be the best in a single night but you can always make yourself better from “your” yesterday. i still can make it into to the next level and gotta survive dude!!!!!

i would ask about how to stay happy to learn and focus to get be a better learner, how to have better confidence in the class, and how many hour did they spend to practice. i know there would be so many kind and model of learning method and personalities. but there should always be some universal pattern that we all can apply too. not all of the should be genius and thats why asking the time they spenth on practice is something good to consider.

many people would easily to get into desperate condition because they see a huge gap, i know because i felt it. the best way to tackle this kind of feeling is to know which part is your control and what you can’t control. this idea is kinda easy to be thought but hard to implement because of the mental state that is going to disrupt your head. the thing is you can’t change the leader board directly because it is out of your control but you can get better in your learning process. you can have better preparation before the class, drink coffee to get focus, or even invest on some more device to help you. the point is do everything you can control, everything you can do at the moment. what this thing doing is that you is trying to build momentum to improve yourself here. once the momentum is created what you gonna need to do is to follow the flow.

i hope that simple word could make some sense to people, at least to me though. we don’t always need that loong speech to get motivated, sometimes one sentence of some random brand could really help. just do it. don’t think, just do it.