yabb week 1 — the Start and initial commit

Mikel Risyad
2 min readJul 10, 2021


from now on, I will write my progress and reflection on this program to maintain my craving for progress. sometimes it’s feel bad when you have a hard time sleeping in the satnight and realize you do exactly nothing of improvement that leads your night into sadnight.

In the first place, I feel surprisingly happy to be able to pass myself into the intermediate section in the YABB program (Generasi Gigih from GOJEK). the program held by YABB in this intermediate section is basically a coding Bootcamp that is scheduled for 8 weeks from July to August. we as the participant in the program will receive a schedule for the entire week to work on in order to fulfill our technical skills and English to finally be able to pass to the expert section. the schedule is extremely challenging, not only because we have to spend an entire week to do it but also the curriculum that is delivered is not something we can understand overnight.

Yes, as a beginner in the web development world honestly I feel so overwhelmed by the material that I need to cover as a participant. not only because the material is new to me but also I study things that are out of the technical IT world. My current studies in philosophy often make me wonder is it really possible to jump into the development world. Most of the webinar sections were held in this first week is great and bad at the same time. bad things happen not because of the other but me, I feel so left behind when we talk about the detail that I don't know yet but most of the participants feel so easy to understand it in the chat.

scream in silence and mute the mic

At first skimming through the curriculum, I thought I could be able to cover most of the topics in the curriculum given by the mentor, but I am completely wrong. Most of my fundamental understanding is not that comprehensive and lacks detail. Watching tutorials on youtube feels so easy that it tricked me to feel like I have understood it. Moving to the hands-on section just proves that I know nothing. everybody in the room silently do their own to finish the task while I exactly in confuse thinking about what should I type first.

To close my first good but not soo great week is that I need to take this as a step to move forward and make progress from this checkpoint. there are a few things that I should not do too much like just watching tutorials and write more code. hopefully, I can be more consistent to make progress next week.