yabb final week —recap and set for a new milestone

Mikel Risyad
3 min readAug 16, 2021

Finally, the technical session on generasi-gigih class has come to an end. so many things we have been through. it's quite a surprise to realize this program already end in 6 weeks since it started. I learn a lot of things since then from mentors and friends. I have to admit a lot of the tech stack we learned in the session is quite common to know. we learn basic-advance js and then react, redux, router, react-UI, and finally utilize it with typescript. also in the final section, we learn how to do clean code, testing, and build the project into the final phase into production and deploy the app to vercel.

the first thing that comes to my mind to make improvements is I have to spend more time to take a time to explore technology, implement the code, and have some try-and-error in the process. doing things in the front-end will most likely moving around the code editor, browser, and developer tools. we will so often do alt+tab between these apps. that is important since I still lack the skill to confront complex code and to understand what is happening in there. understanding the flow of the code is also another infinite homework to tackle.

even though I say that I know what the tech stack means, I haven’t spent my time learning all these things because I still feel it is too advanced to learn back then. and finally, I’ve come to a realization moment that these are advanced topics, lol. learning redux is not easy especially when you try to combine it with typescript. even now the idea is still doesn't stuck in my brain. but the good thing is I learn to learn every day. I know that I have to spend time to really dig and search through the material myself. this is kind of a good habit that I develop through generasi-gigih. just watch tutorials from youtube alone is not gonna help (at least for me). I need to feel the sense of doing an actual project to boost my stress level to make me think that doing this is important.

stress level management vast. we can think of it intuitively like there is a problem and we have to tackle and solve it. commonly we adhere this to employee condition about their mental condition with so many workloads. but actually, we need to maintain stress levels to make things feel important and doing things carefully and focus. when we face conditions with no pressure there will come a mindset to let it loose and we procrastinate a lot in the end and get the stress level by fighting with tight deadlines to get fired up.

I would say this class is highly helping me to get into another milestone as a web developer. having to understand the tech stack we’ve learned through the session is highly relatable to the skillset that is in need today. there are so many companies that used react-app there, even in the freelance code mostly ask React. A few months before this program I am trying to get an internship in some local start-up, but was finally rejected after the interview process. one thing that I highlighted from there is that I haven’t created any project with such JS framework(either ReactJS or VueJS). having to know basic skills is not enough for most companies to spend and invest their asset. noting that early experience, I fully realize that generasi-gigih program would highly increase my chance to get into the field confidently with the tech stack and final project as a portfolio the get into the front-end field.

as I proceed into the last class of the technical session I can be proud of myself in certain aspects. I am glad that I was persistent enough to push myself even if I have to split time between thesis, part time, and generasi gigih programs. I can go through learning curve obstacles to understand new material to be able to collaborate in the hands-on section with my mate. and having to push to catch up with my peers to understand the material because in the first place I have no background in computer science. as the last session that Friday the mentor ask what my first programming language is, which the answer is javascript, lol. but there is still a lot of things that I have to purse and push myself on because some lack of progress in my learning experience.