How cool it is to have a MacBook m1?

Mikel Risyad
3 min readSep 20, 2021


I'm writing this post for admiration of something that I want but I can’t have it (yet). most likely this feeling is like how I fell toward my crush, want to have but just can’t. this device is like the most standard way for every developer to have nowadays because of the Unix system and ideal ecosystem for any developer to code their product.

first thing first, why would I want this laptop?. the most simple reason is that most of the time, tutorials and even Bootcamp that I ever join are all using mac ecosystem. this kinda intriguing for me personally when at the moment I just wrote the code in my windows and Linux(which I used a few months ago before I switched to windows again). using mac would be a life-saver since there is a lot of commands that would be much simpler than using Linux which have to make me see through every kind of distribution to see if it is compatible with my device and Linux distribution is right with the programs. when I use windows, another problem is most of the tutorial or documentation prefer using terminal bash which windows only have PowerShell and cmd, and that is a big problem. one device and one system kind of environment created by apple completely makes ease of use to all kind of user to use their product. and I am not gonna lie about it even with the price they have offered.

you heard right, from the last sentence before this is the reason I couldn’t afford a MacBook, it is expensive. for a final year student who also has “ukt” and doesn’t work, you won’t have money to buy that, except you are skilled to be born from a rich family. I am not even exaggerating because almost all people that are familiar with tech are well known for the price that apple put on their product.

Photo by Dmitry Chernyshov on Unsplash

aside from my personal view, what is exactly the reason a MacBook m1 is so admired by many devs?. because it offers the most worthy of the money you can have with its whole money. at first, most people who just seeing spec on paper would see that the price is not going to be worth it. that kind of people would think like another laptop will have better ram, disk, or even processor with the same price. that was true, until what you will get with the performance. some other devices might have a better spec on paper but not all will perform well in the running condition. Apple is notoriously famous for its efficient performance that could beat every other device that might be having a better spec on paper.

to quote some information :
Geekbench 5 measures CPU and GPU Compute performance more accurately than ever before. Geekbench 5 provides both new workload and improved workloads which test your system against challenges relevant for running modern applications.

as the image shown above, you can clearly see that mac completely beat windows devices with the same flagship product on their lineup. MacBook is now completely great for its performance and the price now is quite competitive with the product above. and last we can still have the great build quality that any apple product will have on their every lineup. but sadly for real price comparison with other product, I can’t really show it though because there is a lot of variables to count such as tax, shipment, and others which we cannot know besides their true price in the website or through merchant comparison on such platform like tokopedia, shopee, etch.

still, the MacBook m1 is still the best thing to the thought of as a developer. its great ecosystem and wide range of users is the most beloved of all devs. the only exception you wouldn’t want a MacBook is yeah… this is suck for gaming, you should get windows for that.